Melville's Uncollected Prose

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Seven years before Typee made him a literary celebrity, Melville became a published author with the submission of two short fiction pieces to a local periodical. He would return to writing short prose at the height of his fame (1847-1850), when his friendship with the Duyckinck brothers led him to contribute a number of reviews to their Literary World; and again in the years of disillusionment following the failure of Pierre, when he abandoned full-length novels and wrote solely for Harper's and Putnam's monthly literary magazines.

Due to their size, Melville's uncollected prose works will shortly be made available here in their entirety. Since the short pieces appearing in literary magazines did not, as a general rule, receive a great deal of notice from critics, no contemporary reviews have been included (but will appear at a later date if any can be located).

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